Prototype / one-off

We work closely with customers to support new product development, often for cutting-edge/disruptive technologies. We get to know the product and stay in regular contact with customers’ design teams. Our machinists can support 3D model manipulation and use Edgecam to ensure effective set up for complex CNC production.

Small batch

For high-tech businesses the need for frequent design changes often means that small batch production is the only realistic option. Our highly skilled conventional machinists can produce high tolerance components without the need for high set up costs. Where CNC machining is necessary we use Edgecam for efficient manufacture.

Premium fast turnaround service

Our manufacturing planning system can reserve premium fast turn-around capacity for emergency requirements. This service is capacity dependent but we always try hard to fit emergency small quantity requirements into our existing schedule – especially where a customers’ completion of a large project or order is critical.


Repeat production requirements

We work closely with customers to minimise component cost and turnaround time for repeat production requirements. This may involve:

  • Scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Jig / fixture design
  • Investment in automation
  • 3D Model manipulation
  • Lights-out machining

Our MRP system ‘PSL Datatrack’ is a purpose designed production management system for sub-contract made-to-order manufacturing environments. It gives us to the visibility and flexibility we need to support customer production schedules.

Lights-out large batch machining

For competitive and rapid large batch production we utilise our lights-out machining capabilities. Our machines have been fully equipped with state of the art probing, cameras and programming and can be left to run unattended overnight without any compromise in quality.

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