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Complete 5axis CNC Milling, CNC Turning, machining, manufacturing & assembly service. 

Aluminium CNC Milled component

CNC Milling - 5,4 & 3 Axis

Multi-axis milling centres offering highspeed cnc machining solutions encompassing all batch requirements.

Our cnc machining shop are 

utilizing CADCAM offline programming, CMM Inspection provide accurate and repeatable production.

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CNC Turning

Our experienced CNC Turning section can deal with small to medium size work in a variety of different materials.

Our Haas CNC Lathes produce a large array of complex repeatable parts.

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Mechanical Assembly


To compliment our machining capabilities, Mach-Tech can provide technical mechanical assemblies complete with full traceability and documentation.

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Black anodised
Anodised assembly
cmm inspection


Mach-Tech are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and have maintained approval since 2011. 

We use PSL Datatrack production planning software to ensure control of operations, scheduling, material traceability, quality of finished product and documentation.

Part are measured with Axiom Too CMM and associated calibrated equipment.

Clear anodised shaft


We also provide sub-contract finishing such as plating, painting, heat treatment, grinding and welding from approved long term suppliers.

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