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CNC Machining aluminium batch

CNC Milling

We offer a range of milling options to suit every need.


Our latest acquisition a Haas UMC 500 5 axis milling machine.

This machining centre offers cutting edge machining solutions, high speed machining allowing shorter efficient processing times.

With the use of the multi pallet system providing machining solutions by removing the need for multiple set up for complex parts.

This in turn minimises the machine down time and improves the throughput, allowing us to offer shorter lead times for batch work. 

Especially if taking advantage of out manufacture for stock holding, giving you confidence, your parts are there when you need them!


While our focus lies in bigger batches, we understand the importance of catering to the needs of all our customers, therefore we have a selection of 3, 4 and 5 axis milling solutions for one off and small batch work. This enables us to cater to projects of varying scales.


Our large VF4 Haas mill gives us the ability to cater to larger work with a window of 1270mm x 508mm by 635mm high.


We are in the process of implementing shrink fit tooling allowing us to achieve and hold very tight tolerances and stable repeat processes.

We have implemented advanced CAM systems into our workshop, allowing the ability to create programs directly from 3D models.

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